Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seebär - A comment and a surprise [Legoland] {2006} @ 192

I think it's about time to say something too.

ProgNotFrog is like a child to me. For several reasons i don't contribute very much to the blog. I invented the term and by this time i am really proud of that. It was only a cheap rhyme influenced by several beers. This name doesn't mean all posted or discussed stuff has to be what some people define as prog - it includes much more.

Jaime (The Herbalist) is the most friendly and polite man i've ever met so far. His angry comment showed that he was badly injured. I have learned that discussing with trolls leads to nowhere. That is what they want. Ignorant comment - answer - even more ignorant comment. They live from that.

Noone expects that everybody likes all albums posted here. I for myself am not a geat lover of Jazz or Fusion - i don't care, it's who likes likes. That has nothing to do with 'going downhill' or so. Take it or leave it. Much more important is the chance of getting to know lost or forgotten albums/artists.

Here I have a surprise for you. Its related to the very first talk The Herbalist and me had, the beginning of a long friendship. We both agreed that this version was better than the re-edited one. It's a great album and very much related to The Herbalist. I define it as prog-rock, maybe you not - it doesnt matter.

I hope i haven't broken too many blog-rules.....

Have fun!


Seebaer said...

you get it here and here

The Herbalist said...

You actually broke a good bunch of them. But thanks for the encouraging comments!
You're right. It is a waste of time arguing with this people.
Thanks for the surprise...
And thanks for your friendship!

The Herbalist!

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