Friday, June 30, 2006

Peter Hammill - Live at the Fabrik Hamburg 10.01.2001 @320

Just great i can tell you - I was there.
A bootleg in superb quality. Starts with Easy to slip away, ends with Refugees.
Nearly two hours PJAH supported by Stuart Gordon.

No sample - this is not my world. Take it or leave it.

Have Fun!


Anonymous said...

Wait part3... Very nice sound!

Seebaer said...

The 3rd part is coming in about one hour

Anonymous said...

Hello All

Shame it's on Rapidshare - it doesn't work for me...

I'm not on AOL or any wierd ISP, I just use a router which never has a problem with other sites, only CRAPidshare does not work.

So I can't hear the gig I mixed!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this must have been so cool to see live! PH still sounded so good here, thanks for the great post of this show, I really appreciate it!

Any future posts of any Peter Hammill stuff?

Thanks and stay cool
BD from NOLA

Anonymous said...

Hello, again,my good people!!!!

This blog is like the Beatles' song: "It's getting better all the time!!" Thank you again, The Herbalist and Friends!!!",

To say something about PH or VDGG, my old and constant friends is so easy and almost "PHun"!!!
Peter Hammill is something like precious and rare in this progressive musical world. His unique voice and emotive gigs can led you into tears and you can imagine how/why the life/dead game is always at hand!!

(And this kind of pleasure/pain you'll find out in every tune he sings...yeah, my friend, life is something like to be sad/happy, for everyone sometimes (always?)and can you stand something like where do we go from here, or where did we came from?)

Well lets talk about the main show....PH had some starting problems with "Time for A Change" -he even play some mistaken notes -maybe, because he didn't played it very often.
Mr. Stuart Gordon is always at hand, helping and he do it very very well!!!
A great concert! Take it now!!!!

Carlos Harrison - SP Brasil

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