Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ache - "De Homine Urbano" [1970] @ 320 (Scandinavian Psych/Prog) Once again, thanks to Ole!

This disc contains two vintage Danish prog gems. The music features ripping organ with a burning rhythm section. De Homine Urbano is an early prog opera featuring two compositions almost 20 minutes long. This is great early prog.

Ache was one of the first progressive rock bands to come from Denmark. "De Homine Urbano" was their debut, and probably their best release. The album consisted of just two side-long suites. The title-track was, according to the band themselves, the world's first "rock ballet". The swirling organ of Peter Mellin and the smooth, melodic tone of guitarist Finn Olafsson dominated the sound. The track itself featured many fine melodies, and the suite was well constructed, with no unnecessary or redundant parts. The instrumental "Little Things" took up the second side of the album. This was an intense and impressive jam with lots of good themes and tight solo passages. Funnily enough, it goes into the riff of Led Zeppelin's "How Many More Times" for a few seconds at the end! This is not an album overflowing with originality, and the band's overall sound was similar to very many other bands of the same time, but the overall good songwriting makes "De Homine Urbano" a worthwhile album from the early 70's scene of Scandinavian progressive rock.

--review by Tommy Schönenberg @

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Anonymous said...

File deleted for Uploader request...
Reup please this amazing stuff!

Raw & Real Retail said...

There was a mix up with rapidshare, I have reuploaded the album and it is now online. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

High blackwatchplaid,

I´ve been searching this album for ages! I boroughed it from a friend when I was a young man, enjoyed it, gave it back and forgot about it for some time. Later the music haunted through my mind once in a while. But when I tried to dig up a recording I had to notice that I had forgotten both the album's and the band's name.

Now, as I accidently and luckily have it within reach, unfortunately the link is not working. Could you do me a big favor and reactivate it?
Many thanks in advance.
William J.

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