Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Triode - ''On N'a Pas Fini D'avoir Tout Vu'' {France} [1971] @192 (art rock)

One of those hidden gems from the not yet totally discovered French jungle (this one dates back from 71) it was released on the Futura Label (only five or six albums before extinction) . The common error that most review makes is to mention Jethro Tull just because there is a flute. Ofr course there is a bit of that but also much more. Of real interest is a cover of one of my fave Beatles number Come Together but instrumental . Yes sir! Instrumental! Great interplay with all the musicians makes this album a valuable pearl to you would sorry to miss out on. review taken from progarchives

Triode - Ibiza Flight..

Anyone with an interest in flute-dominated music should have this album!

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EelaFree said...

link is:

yann carduner said...

Thanks.Good flute.

poor said...

wonderful !
wonderful !
wonderful !
thanks a lot !

progrockfreak said...

...nice surprise ;-) it reminds me even more to FOCUS than TULL.... btw. a great honour to share this one with you - THANKS TO THE UPLOADER !!!

Anonymous said...

Great, I love it!

André said...

can this be uploaded again please?

Anonymous said...

I missed this one too... Too bad. Could you reupload please?

Anonymous said...

new link! (2011 03)

TRIODE 1971 .rar Rapidshare Download
Or (49575 KB)

search in
(blog archive: 2008/may)

Unknown said...

Sorry but link doesnt work!

isabelbc said...[FLAC]

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