Monday, April 09, 2007

Linus - "Linus" {Korea} [1980] (hard prog)

Unfortunately i couldnt find informations/reviews about the band; friends especially who like Uriah Heep,Deep Purple like bands may enjoy Linus more.

thanks to zeme :)


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thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Linus is late '70s Korean Very Very Famous Collage Rock Band...

Smash Hit Song "연"(Kite) still has loved by Korean People

Track List [Korean]
01 바람개비
02 좁은 문
03 내 마음 깊은 곳엔
04 소망
05 연 (경음악)
06 머물 수 없는 바람이 되어
07 내일
08 우리들의 축제
09 연

Anonymous said...

Very good blog my friend. Do you have Mannaminne by Hasse Bruniusson? I would love to hear it properly - my copy has glitches on EVERY track! Aaaargh.
Been looking for it many years now.
I won't give up!
Love Lucy

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

nahavanda said...

dont give up lucy. i havent.

Corey said...

Good old "collage" rock. I ran what was posted above through Babel Fish, which isn't always useful. It gave me:

01 vanes 02 it is narrow and minds inside 03 where it bites to the deep place 04 desire 05 year (light music) 06 the wind which is not the possibility of staying is thick 07 tomorrow 08 our banking 09 year

nahavanda said...

i had the english translations of the song names, i especially deleted them..when we listen a german song, or a finnish song or etc..; do we translate the song names to english? it may be good to convert different alphabets to latin ones; but i think translating them to english is not so respective way to other languages; of course this is my opinion another one may think different.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the better Korean rock lp's IMO, and slept on outside of Korea. Easily the best 80's Rock lp, more so then Magma which sells for a lot more and has a much higher demand for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just noticed the sample song is skipping. Is this on purpose?

Nick said...

Oddly enough none of Magma's song names are translated into English either.

Another amazing find from PNF!

Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Could you please put up a new link?

Thank you.

Yevgeniya Sorokina said...

thanks for such an awesome group :)

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