Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nairu Själsmasturbatören (Music video!)

Here's the music video for the song "Själsmasturbatören" from the Nairu album "Ljudbild".
And the good thing is that it got english subtitles!
So all of you that don't understand the beutiful language they speak will also understand.

I will give you some information about it, this video is a clip from the Ingmar Bergman movie Fanny and Alexander. And this clip shows when the two brothers from the Eklund family is at the bishop house. And trying to get custody for Fanny and Alexander and also trying to get a divorce between the bishop and the childrens mother Emelie Eklund the brothers sister.
Read more here:
The youtube version:


Anonymous said...

:)) this is nice

nahavanda said...

agreed this is so nice! thanks for sharing it Ola, tell my warm greetings to nairu :)

Anonymous said...

Totally brilliant

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