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Eik - "Speglun" {Iceland} [1976]

One of the highest regarded symphonic bands from Iceland. Surprisingly, there is little information available about them.
The membership was consistent with Magnus Finnur Johannsson on flute and vocals, Thorsteinn Magnusson on guitar, mini moog and vocals, Petur Hjaltested on keyboards, Asgeir Oskarsson on drums, Haraldur Thorsteinsson on bass, percussion and vocals, and ryggvi Julius Hubner on guitar, percussion and vocals.
Their career started in 1971, and lasted till 1978. In that time they only managed to release two albums, 1976's "Spelgun" and 1977's "Hrislan Og Straumurinn"
They have a predominantly symphonic style, with elements of rock, blues, jazz, and even a bit of funk. Very much in the school of their '70's contemporaries, but infused with the essence of Iceland.
Their closest relative would probably be Finland's Wigwam. Other influences are the usual suspects, Yes, Camel, and some Kansas. H.T. Riekels (bhikkhu)

Track Listings
01. Stormy Monday
02. Memories
03. Funky Beat
04. Lullaby
05. Hugssin
06. Speglun

- Magnus Finnur Johannsson / vocals, flute
- Thorsteinn Magnusson / guitar, Mini Moog, vocals
- Petur Hjaltested / keyboards
- Asgeir Oskarsson / drums
- Haraldur Thorsteinsson / bass, percussion, vocals
- Tryggvi Julius Hubner / guitar, percussion, vocals

Releases information
LP Steinar Records EIK 001 (1976)

04. Lullaby.....
06. Speglun......

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