Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rixsta - "The Language Of My Spirit" {UK} [2009] Exclusive for PNF!

English Guitarist/Singer “Rixsta” received his first guitar as a birthday present and started recording in 1999 on his home computer at the age of 16, inspired by the sounds of soul and rock, especially from the 70’s.
Rixsta’s latest recordings are becoming inspired by jazz, blues & progressive rock.

This albums put together by the artist himself explores some of his best moments in 2007 to 2008
Mostly recorded improvisation at home and song ideas

"The lead guitar was recorded on the third take, totaly improvised throughout.
i remember letting go of all this emotion as i played.
Atho this has no words i belive it to be very true to how i was feeling that day :)

01 - Searching Out
02 - Somethin' About Somethin'
03 - Love Keeps Shinin' On
04 - We Can Heal Each Other (But I Could Heal Myself)
05 - Popfunk
06 - Wake Up (From Your Dream)
07 - Walkin' In The Park
08 - Winter Meloncholy Dream
09 - Jazzy Baby
10 - Sometimes Life Is Hard
11 - Just Can't Take It Anymore
12 - Jam
13 - Lighten Up My Friend
14 - Lonely Blues
15 - Exploding Within
16 - Rhythms Call You
17 - Instrovization

01 - Searching Out...
08 - Winter Meloncholy Dream...
09 - Jazzy Baby...
17 - Instrovization...

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isabelbc said...

Part 1:
Part 2:

Enjoy! :o)

JF said...

Obrigado de coração pelo post. Gostei muito.

Lylian said...

very interesting:)

freakvinyl said...

Thank you so much ,never heard great album !

Willy said...

Thank you i like your blog.
Can we have an exchange link.
Wish you all the best.

mountainhigh said...

Great album Ricki. UK do have talents ;D

mountainhigh said...

Great album Ricki. UK do have talents ;)

mar-abunta said...

Very interesting

Thanks for share.

mina said...

fucking sweet!!
thanks. :D

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