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Puppenhaus - "Jazz Macht Spazz" {Germany} [1973-74] (prog jazz-rock)

No progressive rock music fan should be misled by the album title "Jazz macht Spazz", a bowdlerization of "jazz makes fun", this is progressive jazz-rock at its best. Büdi Siebert (flutes and saxes), Herbert Binder (gt), Frank Fischer (bass), later with Release Music Orchestra, Thomas Rabenschlag (keys) and drummer Bea Maier (later with Zomby Woof and Moira), all well trained on the instruments, played a varied, inventive, melodic and often furious kind of music with lots of Krautrock magic influenced by Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Soft Machine and Weather Report. 5 titles on this CD were recorded at German radio station SWF, 2 titles are live recordings (taped from the soundboard), all in all 77 minutes of great flute and sax playing, furious and lyrical guitar and bass work, hypnotic rhythm patterns and perfect keyboard sounds. Hard to believe, that Puppenhaus never recorded an album. In 1980 Büdi Siebert with friends recorded an album under the name "Herrgottsax", which also will be released in the next month on Long Hair. Digitally remastered from original master tapes. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, band story by the musicians, many photos and especially with a wonderful cover based on a painting by drummer Bea Maier. Highly recommended,Puppenhaus_Jazz-macht-Spass_3147,N.html

01 - Anfang
02 - Jazz Macht Spazz
03 - Elefanten
04 - Let The Pig Out
05 - Imporvisationen
06 - 5 Mal Schnitzel
07 - Sabanone

- Herbert Binder - guitar
- Frank Fischer - bass
- Berthold Maier - drums
- Thomas Rabenschlag - keyboards
- J.P. 'Büdi' Siebert - flutes, saxes

01 - Anfang...
02 - Jazz Macht Spazz...

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I have always been interested in German kraut rock music scene and I appreciate very much your efforts in which you always introduce us some very good, quality and rare music.
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Anonymous said...

great blog you got here running, very richgenre prog kind of music taste on this blog and it is all good music.
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Alex B said...

Great album,psych jazzy musica as only germans can do... The german prog scente of 70´s.
Hã, Por acaso tem brasileirona equipe do blog, como certos comentários desse disco indicam, cara Isabel? Thanks a lot/ Muito obrigado.

isabelbc said...

De nada Alex ;p

Carter said...

Fantastic album, thank you very much and Merry Christmas

Leroy said...

Hey there! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. just happened to read this post an as i am into jazz-rock i couldn't resist. heard the first track and LOVED IT!!!

anything similar to this?
and where did u get that miniplayers?

i recently made a blog for prog rock and jazz rock but u have vary rare stuff..i think i am only on the surface here... :P
again thank you so much for this!

isabelbc said...

hi Leroy,

I don't know anything similar to this, sorry..

About miniplayers, it's an adaptation of old miniplayer odeo that was discontinued...

By the way, we added your blog in our

Thank you for your comment.

Isabel :o)

Oracus said...

I've just listened to this MONSTER and I have to say that I'm officialy blown away by this super band from outerspace! But Isabel, this is way too much jazz to be considered progressive, that's my humble opinion anyway :) Thank you so much!

Leroy Area is quite similar to this if you are interested. Also Moving Gelatine Plates have similar sound. I can't remember something else right now, but lots of jazz rock bands of the early 70's sounded a lot like this.

P.S. I just remembered John Klemmer's Blowin' Gold, check it out!

Pedro Bernardes said...

Excelente disco! Muito obrigado

B-side said...


Can you re-up those links? After hearing Brainstorm and Missus Beastly I'm very interested in new kraut-fusion.

Peace, BS

isabelbc said...

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the link megaupload still works
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Can you re-up those links?

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