Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beausoleil Broussard - "Journal de Bord" {Canada} [1976-1980]

Beausoleil Broussard, is a group of acadian music formed in 1975, with members Isabelle Roy, Claude Fournier, Jean-Gabriel Comeau and Jacques Savoy.
In 1978 at Paris they won one prize about young french pop. In four years of activity Beausoleil Broussard recorded three albums. You can listen some of these beautiful works in this album.

Le reel de la Nouvelle-Écosse

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isabelbc said...

dedalos said...

I follow this blog since 2007...what a great job!
Truly a non-mainsrteam blog!
Here's my recent one from August '09...enjoy!

isabelbc said...

hi dedalos,

Thank you!

Your music is great! Congratulations!
We added your blog in our

Isabel :o)

dedalos said...

There's another blog which has uploaded "ta Paichnidia tou Iliou" LP, in case you want to link it in your blog.
Well, here it is:

Anonymous said...

I can't download link to Beausoleil Broussard - Journal de bord. Can you help me, I would love to have this group.
Thanks !

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