Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fujara - "Fujara" {Denmark} [1973] prog/psych

There are many mysterous bands that i think most of us looking for, and this is the one that i had big passion to listen, A few days ago our friend mtumba bring this album to our attention at forum. Since then i am listening some songs on the album over and over again, Some information that i found for the album;
"The band from Køge founded in 1970 playing mostly rock affected by hippie subculture with social and political lyrics. This 6-member group was said to have humorous live performances. It had brass section as strong as Dr. Dopo Jam but didn't use it in so efficient and dynamic way. Anyway, Fujara does not sound like one more political group where lyrics dominated the music. Most compositions remain under influence of West Coast rock but especially two of them are in Dr. Dopo Jam vein, and those are IMO the best ones on the whole album: Styvtoget and excellent Majara. All lyrics are in Danish.." read more here

thanks to mtumba :)


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Thanks for the album. Any chance of a track list please?

Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

hi! thank you for this one.
i love your blog and your site.
i add your blog page to my friends' list.
may you add my url to your friends' list?
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Anonymous said...

Fujara (Ole Knudsen, Poul Chr. Nielsen, Jørn Nørredal, John Olsen, Jesper Christiansen, Jan Andersen)
Indspillet Nibe 1972-1973
CBS 65768
Setlist:Impo-Jensen ; Gør dig fri ; Syvtoget ; Pop industrien ; Ventetid ; Jesper ; Fabrikanten ; Fyraften ; Majara
Greetings Henning2804

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Awesome! thanks

keep on growing said...

thx for this, love the blog

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Here's the track listings:

1973, Denmark
00:41:30; 76M; 256S; 1081

1. Impo-Jensen - 4:23
2. Gør dig fri - 4:16
3. Syvtoget - 4:41
4. Pop industrien - 3:58
5. Ventetid - 4:40
6. Jesper - 3:32
7. Fabrikanten - 3:47
8. Fyraften - 3:52
9. Majara - 8:21

Thanks for this rarity!

- MoonBear

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Thanx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. You made my day brighter with this. Thank You Sir.

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Please, i need mediafire links, greetings from Ecuador!

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hola Joshipalooza,
links Deposite Files and Megaupload estão ativos...
Isabel :o)

Joshipalooza said...

Well Isabel... i don't speak portuguese hahaha, but nevermind, i finally got it, keep doing this excellent job guys! :D

Alex B said...

Great music, jammy spirit plus west coast plus jazzy equal prog music in its maxium expression: free, unlimited,intelligent.

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