Sunday, July 18, 2010

Namu - "Opening" + "Sora Datte Toberusa (Fly Even the Sky)" {Japan} [1974]

NAMU was mid 70's organ hard rock band, played mainly Yokohama city around, no recordings except for only this medley (2 music 10min. aprx) was available
1974 "One Step Festival" held at Kohriyama City, Fukushima, Japan - NAMU played there and only recorded this track. 1978 disbanded

01 Opening (3'14)
02 Sora datte Toberusa (6'46) [meaning ; Fly even the sky]

- Jun-ichi Murakami (vocal)
- Hiro Fukushima (guitar) --> Far East Family Band
- Shigemi Komiyama (drums) --> Hot Tuna
- Kitaro (Keyboard) --> Far East Family Band

- Jun-ichi Murakami (vocal/organ)
- Nishibayashi "Boku-chin" (guitar) = Acid Seven Band
- Soul Tohru (drums) --> Otoboke Cats
- Tammy (bass)

Thanks to Kohsaku :o)

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