Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moonlight - "The Edge" {Finland} [1978]

I couldn't found any info on net, line-up is from back cover, more info are welcome

A1 Nomore
A2 Free
A3 Almost
B1 I'm Not in the Mood
B2 Little Miss Pretty
B3 Dream About You
B4 O.M.C.
B5 Nomore Reprise

- Paul Kanerva (bass)
- Kim Trapp (keyboards)
- Bob Wasenius (drums, vocals)
- Andy Winter (guitar,vocals)

Dream About You...

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Isabel like usual, you have found and give us a fabulous gem absolutely unknown ! Congratulations and a thousand thanks !

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record collector dreams 6001?

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wowwwwww!! no words, just thank you.

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Sorry, doesn't work.


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link works very well...

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REUP SEPT 13, 2013

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