Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kolibri - "Winterserenade" {Germany} [1985]

Psychedelic Folkrock album with English lyrics and a dreamily playful atmosphere. Very rare original on the Hamburger Eulenspiegel label (1032)

A1 Tanz der Kolibris 3:30
A2 Winterserenade 6:48
A3 La nuage 9:54
B1 Aprilwetter 7:27
B2 Take Five 8:07
B3 Yedigün 6:54

- Ingo Höricht - g
- Hans Kumfert - b, g, fl
- Georg Lejeune-Jung - g
- Alfons Meisenfeider - bouz., g, b
- Torsten Ribbe - fl
- Olof Roter - perc.


Thanks to ZenBa :o)

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isabelbc said...

Anonymous said...

Very nice album. The cover of "Take Five" was especially fun. One minor correction to the description: the album is entirely instrumental, there are no lyrics, English or otherwise.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Really a nice piece! Thank you very much for sharing it!



dedalos said...

Hello Isabel & everybody!
just a note:
-1981: Tsamadou / Eulenspiegel - EULP 1032
-1985: Winterserenade / private - ORP 5/85

basso said...

I second Dedalos. Only their first is on Eulenspiegel...

Ingo Höricht said...

Hello Isabel, dedalos and others,
a version for string orchestra:
And listen to "Across the Border Suite" of Mellow Melange - 26 years later.

Ingo Höricht

Anonymous said...

Hello Isabel, dedalos and the others,

if you want to hear and to see "Aprilwetter" in an orchestral Version look at Youtube and search for MELLOW MELANGE and for ORIENT EXPRESS SUITE No. 1 - Overture
You can also find a Band Version (with 2 violins, Sax, piano and doublebass) on the Homepage of Mellow Melange. Look for "Downloads CD's" and there for the album "Across the Border Suite"
Ingo Höricht

isabelbc said...

Hello Ingo,
Is an honor to have you here with us
Thank you for the comments and suggestions, I'm listening now, "Across the Border Suite" ... wonderful... :)
About Kolibri - Winterserenade, this album is so beautiful! i would love to listen the first album 1981: Tsamadou, it's possible?
Isabel :o)

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