Saturday, September 17, 2011

Red - "Red" {UK} [1983]

Recorded in approx 1982 - 82 and finally released in 1983. The album took a long time to get released on Jigsaw records, by which time the band had effectively split and we were all doing other things.
We were all influened by the jazz rock movement at the time, hence the crazy tempos and the sound of musicians finding their feet and developing a style.
The line up on the album (on vinyl) was: Dennis Fitzgibbons - guitar and songs, Jerry Soffe - bass, Mark Ambler - keyboards, David Holmes - percussion and Frank Hockney on drums. We reformed in 83ish with Phil Bastow on keyboards but the band didn't do much more after a second album was delayed and delayed. The track on the juke box is called Tonights the Note.

This was released amongst all the other New Wave of British Progressive Rock albums (now known as Neo Prog). But Red were nothing like IQ, Twelfth Night, Marillion, Haze, etc... nor were they like mid period King Crimson ala their name. Nope, this is a very strong instrumental fusion oriented album, with some early 80s keyboard sounds. What separates this album from the pack is the ferocious guitar playing, and the outstanding melodies. I bought this on LP in London when it came out, and it's still one of my favorites.

- Dennis Fitzgibbons - guitar and songs
- Jerry Soffe - bass
- Mark Ambler - keyboards
- David Holmes - percussion
- Frank Hockney - drums
- Phil Bastow - keyboards

A1 Stiff Collar
A2 Self-Indulgent Noise
A3 Cool And Unapproachable
A4 Daft Tench Swims Backwards
B1 Turbo-Tortoise
B2 Kraval
B3 Lost For Words
B4 Tonight's The Note

Thanks to Fusionaut :o)

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Andy said...

I found this album very tasteful. It's strange that some progressive label as Syn-phonic or Cuneiform have not reissued Red.

claycorn said...

sounds alot like kenso in the 80s

zoover said...

I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post.

Pingo Lao said...

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Gao said...

Sounds amazing, thanks

Anonymous said...

I was the bass player on this album and wish it was reissued on Cuneiform! Now in band Sonic Reform. Check us out.

the unknown knows said...

Any idea where I could find either an original or a copy of the Fractaregls/Fractals CD you played on? Thanks! -greg

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