Monday, October 17, 2011

Hill Andon "PAGE☆ONE" (1974,Japan,Folk ,Psych)

This is an obscure legendary Japanese folk album in 1974.
I can UL and enjoy with all of you thanks to one of my mates,Fusionaut.
He leaves the following comment.
"....This is a folk-rock/folk-psych album and has some nice fuzz guitar soloing weaving in and out on some tracks, and the atmosphere's not bad, so it's certainly worth a listen or two, and likely of greater interest to those predisposed to this sort of thing."

The file includes scans of  cover ,obi,and insert sheet.

Side A
1.伽藍堂 garandou :lead vocal by Ieda.
means emptiness
2.寒い夏 samui natsu :lv by Miyama.
means cold summer
3.吸血鬼の歌 kyuuketuki no uta :lv by Ieda
means vampire's song
4.五月 gogatsu :lv by Ieda & Shimamura
means May
5.影 kage :lv by Miyama
means shadow

Side B
1.風まかせ kaze makase :lv by Ieda
means As the wind likes
2.二月にて nigatsu nite :lv by Ieda
means in February
3.何かが nanikaga :lv by Yabe
means something
4.ささやき sasayaki :lv by Ieda
means whisper

家田和則 Kazunori Ieda.....vo ,eg,ag,eb
島村英彦 Hidehiko Shimamura.....vo,eg,ag,p
深山光一 Kouichi
矢部武司 Takeshi Yabe.....vo,ag,eb
岩井正明 Masaaki Iwai....vo,ds



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