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Harry Sabar Friends "Lentera" (1979,Indonesian sympho )

I believe "Lentera " is one of the best prog singers' albums that ever released all over the world.
Harry Sabar is a singer in Indonesia,and released three albums.I listened to all of them.As the result,his first album "Lentera " is the  best of the three.
Most of the tracks are full of mellotron and fantasy,so many of the prog fans will surely be impressed  with this album.
As you know ,once, most Indonesian people listened to music with the cassette,not  the record.
Most artists released their albums as cassettes.
Of course,some records existed because only some sample record copies were made for the radio station in Indonesia.But usually there were no sleeve covers....
This rip was made from a cassette .(I also have DJ copy record,however,it doesn't include all of the tracks,so to speak,is a real "sample record" for  DJs in  radio stations.

Harry Sabar...vocals,roger drum,paiste,ziljan symbals,Ludwig snarr,tamborine
Marusya Nainggolan...fluegel piano,mellotron,harpsichord
Debby Nasution....mellotron,arp,bass synthe,harpsichord,hammond organ,solina string,bass guitar,acoustic piano,Roland SH 2000,
Keenan drum,paiste ziljan symbals,Ludwig drum,Fluegel piano,electric piano,mellotron,Roland SH 2000,
Adhie...Fluegel piano,mellotron,Roland SH 2000,Korg synthe bass,electric piano,solina string,vibraphone,
Odink Nasution...Gibson guitar,black box,Gibson ripper bass,
Gauri Nasution....Gibson guitar,black box
Jerry...ovation string
Eddy Danferry...drum
Jati...acoustic guitar
Chandra Darusman....fluegel piano,electric piano,solina string,clavinet,Roland SH 2000
Matise...Fender jazz bass,Gibson guitar
Nana Noor,Vanthy Noor,Rini Noor.....swara latar

Sisi A
1.Lentera (5:32) Harry Sabar
2.Kala Daun Berguguran (3:56) HS
3.Kitaran Warsa (4:48) HS
4.Lazuardy (6:10) HS
5.Kemarin Dan Hari Ini (6:26) HS

Sisi B
1.Terbenci Tapi... (6:55)  HS
2.Khalwat Jiwa (4:02)Keenan Nasution,HS
3.Sekiranya'... (4:36) HS
4.Disejuk Malam (5:24) HS
5.Resah (4:36) HS,Adhie,Odink Nasution

A-5 Kemarin Dan Hari Ini (remastered version,extract)

ripped from the original cassette .

Equipments I used are....
cassette player.....Nakamichi DRAGON
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.

I have uploaded music with WAVE and mp3.
You can burn WAVE file to CD-R (for data CD-R,not music CD-R) using pc software "JetAudio"(free software) easily.
First ,install JetAudio,and try to make WAVE CD-R.
It is really easy  for you to use JetAudio to burn WAVE into CD-R.


Shige said...

original WAV

original mp3

remastered WAV(recommend better than original)

remastered mp3 (recommend better than original)

øשlqæda said...

amazing post. thank you shige

dandelionmood said...

This is a great record, it certainly deserves to be better known that many so-so other prog records :) ! Thank you for that post !

icastico said...

For those wanting to explore Indonesian music more...

You'll be stunned.

K.L.I.R. said...

Master Shige delivers yet another great album, many thanks.

Shige said...

>>>You'll be stunned.
Yes,you are right.
The other day,I traded with an Indonesian collector and got over 700 cassettes during 70s-80s rock and pops.
He says that the following items may be interesting to me.
If I like them,UL here some day.

one dee group - jurig jarian,
rawe rontek,
andi meriem - bahtera asmara,
bangkit sanjaya - daun daun sorga,
bbc band - cipta manusia,
henny ajie,
jak lloyd,
jimmie manopo - album perdana,
junaedi salat,
micky jaguar,
ray sahetapy,
ritta ruby hartland,

Shige said...

Thanks for the reply.
My next UL will be "History of Love and Belief"(1980) by BIRDLAND.Wait !

Shige said...
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Shige said...

Hi,øשlqæda and dandelionmood.
thanks for the reply.
I don't like my remastered version partly now,for example,track2 and I will re-UL again in a few days.DL again,then.

Shige said...

I remastered the 1st-remastered version because I don't like them partly.DL amd enjoy the 2nd-remastered version.
I wish Merry Xmas and happy new year to all of you !!!

2nd remastered WAV

2nd remastered mp3

Henk Madrotter said...

Here you go:


aherrys said...

This IS the best album ever in Indonesian music history.. except for Badai Pasti Berlalu of course... which I am still waiting for the remastered version...

Thank you Shige

aherrys said...

"Kemarin dan Hari ini" and "terbenci tapi.." are the masterpieces..

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload,many thanks for all!

isabelbc said...

new link mp3

Jebul Ngenekito said...

Any chance to re-upload this album, please? _/|\_
Maybe to not so quick deleted by the filehosting just use to make endure until some next years.
Thanks in advance and greets from Indonesia ;)

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