Monday, November 05, 2012

John Macey – More Notes For Your Money (1987,USA,Guitar fusion)

John Macey – More Notes For Your Money (1987,USA,Guitar fusion)

This is John Macey's second release (.4 tracks single).

This rip is the same as here .
Thanks to the original uploader ,we can enjoy his other masterpiece work.
After listening to it many times,I hoped to remaster the file .
The file remastered here is ..... some pops and crackles were removed and easier to listen to.(Track 4 's noises could not be removed a lot unfortunately ....)
I appreciate the original uploader for real, and do hope John Macey in Heaven will be satisfied with my remastering and this USA's talented but unknown guitarist's name will be known to all over the world.



Shige said...



Circonite.Epitaph said...

Thanks for all !!

chambersfan1 said...

Definitely not his last release. I have a 1992 release if anyone would like me to up it.

Tristan Stefan said...

wow, no kidding? please upload it if you can, that would be highly appreciated by all of us

chambersfan1 said...

Here you go..

Metalbopblues from Mars (1992)

FLAC, w/scans


Anonymous said...

thanks john for bringing my playing level up and showing me how to operate the guitar. your the best. god bless. pat r. new jersey

Juliet Macey said...

Hi all. I'm John's only daughter, Juliet Macey. I would love for you all to "like" the Facebook page I recently made for him, I don't even have this album myself so if any of you do I would love to purchase or at least copy it off of you, if you're willing. And no, it was not his last official release. That would be "Metalbopblues From Mars." At any rate, thank you for your kind words. He was, indeed, a master. And Pat R., I think I know you, at least through my dad speaking of you.

SPV82 said...

Links are broken. Can you update, please?

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