Thursday, March 07, 2013

Joachim Kuhn - Time Exposure (GER 1987)

We've posted a number of genius German pianist J. Kuhn's works before and in fact completing his discography is not only desirable but quite tedious and expensive too.  This one attracted me because the music was created for a NYC ballet, and I really love ballet music with its extremely emotional, airy, and flickering variety.  In one track (To Be Continued) it appears someone is actually touching the strings (e.g. with a ruler) inside the grand piano that Kuhn is playing.

Here's a typical track, Modern Nature, the softest one:

And here one of the more experimental ones, Graphic:


Tristan Stefan said...



glmlr said...

Wonderful! Thank you very much. I hadn't heard this.

Mr. Morgan said...

Long lost treasure, who else but Tristan Stefan can fulfill our musical dreams! Mega Thanks!

Tristan Stefan said...

wow, thanks mr morgan

ushaped said...

Never knew this existed and I'm a Kuhn fan! Thanks again Tristan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tristan.

Since I heard Springfever in 1978 I am impressed by the style and strenght of Joachim.

Do not know this one: so: thanks!

Jan from the Netherlands

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