Friday, May 10, 2013

Frederic Rabold Crew + Jazz Inspiration Orchestra - Kinetic Noise (GER 1975)

Here as requested:  despite the title of the record this is definitely straightforward modal jazz by Fred and the jazz inspiration orchestra.  Good record, you will notice it starts with the track "Berlin" which also started off the previous, eponymous album-- perhaps that one piece warranted a whole album named after it.  His style on the flugelhorn as usual is really warm and gorgeous and highly enjoyable.  The last track on the first side-- Kinetic Noise-- really shows off his supernal abilities.  Incidentally, this is much better than the average Fred Rabold album.

Note that the song called "Waltz for Christin" is not a typo perhaps deserving a 'sic' after that name as spelled-- perhaps if I was in a more bitter mood.  But since it's a gorgeous song, and the arrival hereabouts of a warm spring has provided a timely boost to my spirits and libido, I will pass it by with a smile on my face and lap.  And who wouldn't have a spring in their step and neighbourhood?

Sample track the wonderfully dissonant Child Song, B2, unfortunately all too short (like my 2 smiles):


Tristan Stefan said...

Tristan Stefan said...

I noticed that you can download all the 'lost albums' on soulseek btw, those that have never been reupped here as well as many others, except possibly the lossless copies of those albums. Download this program and search for the mp3s in there:

ushaped said...

Wow Tristan,

Thank you very much! I think this completes the Rabold story. His groups are definitely some of the most underrated of European jazz.

All the best!

Rochacrimson said...

Many thanks Tristan for this gem!

broselmachine said...

this link is not not working.. :(

Roetoes said...

Wow, awesome. Many thanks Tristan.

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