Thursday, December 08, 2016

Mario Garcia "Sr. Cisne " (Brazil ,1982 ,)

What a gifted guitar performer Marco was ....

The following info is from one of my friends in Brazil.
Thanks to him .

"Mario Garcia" is a brazilian! Recorded this album in Brazil!
After recording this record ,he moved to the city of "Corrientes" (Argentina)!
In Argentina he created 3 bands: "Tamanduá Maluco", "García & García" and the most current "The Brother". 
He died in October 2015 at the age of 57...

You can DL mp3 here  .


Mit said...

WAVE ..ripped from the vinyl these days.

Files (251 MB total)
Mario Garcia _1982_Sr.Cisne_Brazil.rar
Will be deleted on
15 December, 2016
Download link

PHSStudiosRJ said...

No doubt this is the great work of this musician! A very recommended album !!

Thanks for the post Shige

Mit said...

PNF forum has been restored !!!!!
Thanks a lot ,nahavanda .

Mit said...
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PHSStudiosRJ said...

Cool!! I will visit !!!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

Opiekacz said...


Do You have Maigoishi - Dystopia in mp3?
Or You know where I can download this?

I found only this

but it is FLAC,Im not premium user and I cant download :(

Mike said...

Great blog.

Mit said...

>>>Do You have Maigoishi - Dystopia in mp3?

Unfortunately ,I don't .

Unknown said...

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