Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Steve Hackett nonstop selection

Who is the best prog  guitarist all over the world ?
I think it is Steve Hackett .
Especially ,
From 1st solo album to 4th solo album are the best .(no question asked ! )
Hackett is active enough by making new albums and performing concert tours all over the world even now .
I also watched his concert several times before ,
Everytime ,he did GREAT performance for us ,and made us so excited .

This time ,I edited  Hackett songs nonstop (part 1 + part 2 ) for young generations.
Almost of the tracks are from his 1st to 4th solo albums .
By listening to them ,I hope more young generations will know his excellent prog tracks and guitar playing ,
and you will go to enjoy his live performance a lot when he visits your countries .

Absolutely ,Hackett is the best prog guitarist all over the world .

Many prog bands ask Hackett  to play in their albums and in their concerts even now.
It proves Hackett is still one of  the living great musicians to everyone .

One of the examples is the following album .(released on May 29 ,2017 )
Hackett plays 12 strings guitar on the track "The Hermit " in the album .
"The Hermit " was originally included in Hackett's 1st solo album "Voyage Of The Acolyte "(1975) ,The Watch version (2017) is quite different from the original version .
It has more powerful symphonic rock taste .
Worth to try The Watch version ,too .


Every Day (3-1)
The Show (4-9)
Narnia (2-1 )
Racing In A (2-3)
The Stepps (4-1)
Time To Ger Out (4-2)
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Cured -4)
Slogans (4-3)
Land Of A Thousand Autums (2-7)
Please Don't Touch  ( 2-8)
Spectral Mornings (3-8)
Clocks (3-4 )
A Tower Struck Down (1-3)

Kim (2-4)
Lost Time In Cordoba (3-6)
Tigermoth (3-7)
Jacuzzi (4-6)
Ace Of Wands (1-1)
Horizons (Bay Of Kings -9 )
Shadow Of The Hierophant (1-10 ,Extended Version )


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I changed the tracks' order & added one track "Air-conditioned Nightmare



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