Friday, November 30, 2007

Children of One - "Children of One" {USA} [1969] (psych)

Hello! , Altought its quite common, its my latest discovery. i amazed myself during the week with that album, its something like an authentic theraphy at scizoprenic level. hope you like it too. some copy/paste;

Lineup pasted above from Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, whose entry says nothing more than that they're from New York. Apparently a 1968 release, never reissued, very obscure and rare. [] gives the release date as 1969. Most definitely NOT a rock album even though it's likely to float in the same circles of rare late 60s psych. This is truly one of the most bizarre albums I've ever heard, somewhere in between mystical folk music, new age music, and modern classical with a strong element of Indian music because of the use of sitar, dilruba and tanpura. It has a very non-academic feeling; it would be easier to imagine this music coming out of a hippie commune than a university, though I imagine it was probably some mix of these cultural contexts that resulted in this. With cello, bass clarinet, and flute mingling with multiple female voices, there's a rich and warm feeling. Very dreamy and mellow, not much in the way of driving rhythms. Strangely there's little percussion on the album, yet in the middle there is a quite lengthy unaccompanied drumkit solo, which is quite nice and not a detriment to the album or the sort of thing that begs to be skipped over. The strongest feature of the album is the abundance of female vocals in a wordless, somewhat operatic style that comes off as mysterious and ritualistic instead of gratuitous or annoying. I wasn't familiar with the dilbura before this, though I noticed a very sarangi-like sound in the mix and I just read that it's an Indian classical instrument somewhere in between a sarangi and sitar, bowed like the former with tuning and fret arrangement close the latter. It's a fantastic sound. A real masterpiece of subtle mysteriousness! Non-idiomatic psychedelia outside of time and place. Meditative yet freaky. I've really never heard anything similar to this at all. Seriously demanding investigation by anyone who might be remotely interested in this aesthetic! This general vein of music isn't a strong interest for me, but I'm pretty knocked out by this and the composing is very sophisticated. I would expect a lot of folks to give this one 5 stars.

Michael Anton Parker

LES GRINAGE cello, dilruba
LAKSHMI tanpura
LUCAS MASON flute, piano
PETER SOKOLOW bs clarinet

time tuRns toward tomorrow..



nahavanda said...


Tony said...

This is some of the best music I've ever heard! THANK YOU FOR THE POST!!!!!

toasterr said...

That´s great. Many Thanks.

gris-gris said...

Thanks! great and lost album. greetings from Spain. I have a blog of canterbury, psychedelic...

Anonymous said...

As posible the tracklist ??
Beas Regards From Spain

Anonymous said...

A little File Text explains the tracklist
Best Regards Again From Spain

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Anonymous said...

The core of this group, Lucas Mason, Leonard Lonergan & Peter Sokolow released another lp as WindFall on the N.Y. label Bima in the earlt 70s.

Greg said...

Many many thanks for this masterpiece Mr Nahavanda. I am crazy of Chick Corea Return to Forever and now I'm crazy of this album to.

nahavanda said...

to anonymous: never heard anything about Windfall, if you have the album, please upload..i wondered a lot, thanks!

Anonymous said...

To nahavanda: sent a zip file thru Rapidshare

zappahead said...

This sounds like a nice opus...never heard of them before but on reading about them...and it...looking forward to hearing ...thanks for the share.

Mystery Poster said...

Originally posted on Mystery Poster, way back when.. :)

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Bayley Elliot said...

Is there any chance you could re-up this? I can't find this album anywhere on the net. I knows it's been 7 years, but this LP is soooooo classic. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't even find this album to buy on amazon.

Anonymous said...

Can u reup this? this is wonderful music)
boss, reup pls!)

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