Friday, November 16, 2007

Prog Not Frog proudly presents: Queen Elephantine "Surya" {US} (2007) [Doom Stoner Sludge]

OKEY!!! Some days ago we recived an e-mail with a link with a band that was so heavy that I couldn't wear headphones while I was listening caus it would be hard to hold my head up. It sounds like OM or Sleep but with 5ives speed. But a lot more psychadelic. It's really hard to compare with something cause these guys sounds really new and fresh. Their first full length album is a limited edition so get it now before someone else do it!

Buy their first full length CD here:

And visit their myspace site and be their friend

We at prognotfrog wish them good luck and hope that more people will discover their music.

The line up:
Indrayudh Shome (Guitar, Vocal)
Andrew Jude Riotto (Bass)
Rajkishen Narayanan (Vocal)
Chris Dialogue (Drums)


piratepimm said...

Been listening to it non stop, it's heavy as f***.

Psicodeliazombie said...

great band...!!!

Kevin said...

I just wanted to add that the CD is not a conventional audio CD, instead it's a disc of .aiff files which seemed kind of odd since .mp3 is a more common format. Anyway, I was able to use Nero to encode the .aiff files into an audio CD. Still, it's awesome music! Thanks for suggesting this group.

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