Sunday, June 01, 2008

Air - Teilwiese kacke... (Krautrock 1973)

hi friends,
here is for you one of the great hidden treasures of Krutrock!
Air offers an excellent instrumental progressive with classical touches, hints of Jethro Tull or The Nice - a bit amateurish yet original and fascinating.
Not-to-be-missed for any serious kraut fan.



DL link in comments


fildiferro said...

download link:

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, thanks!

Rochacrimson said...

A great gem!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Amazing Kraut!

M47 said...

Thanks for this 1. I love Krautrock.

FANTASY said...

Great thanks for this one.
Very interesting post Fildiferro.

islandhippie said...

good band,i'm listen german prog 11 years but first time meet this band.
Track 2 really exellent!

fabio said...

Very diferent and original kind of Krautrock.Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Very rare album, besides being rare and also being a curiosity, musically speaking is nothing special, at the same period there were hundreds of bands delivering high caliber music and great recordings, indeed as mentioned in the comment about this album, amateurish ! If you collect rarities, this one is for you.
Do not expect a solid album or anything original, just one more band that did not make it to the top 500 in Germany.

Adam said...

The link has been removed or deleted.Any chance of reup?

fildiferro said...

hi Adam
I've just checked, link is still alive and well!

Stepping Stone said...

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antonioae said...

Sounds a bit amateur, but is diferent of the well known krautrock celebrities. If the production would have been better, maybe woud be more famous nowadays.
However, very much thanks for this!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny title ("teilweise kacke" means "partially shitty")!

Anonymous said...

Teilweise not Teilwiese

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