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Prognotfrog wishlist 2

Ladies and Gentlemen here is prognotfrog wishlist a wishlist by contributors on that blog

TOP 12
1. Anahata - Anahata 1979
Thats an Australian Folk Rock band very obscure and no more information i have about it

2. Edzayawa - Projection One 1973
Around the same time as the legendary Blo "Phase 1" LP. Recorded May 1973 in Lagos, Nigeria. Nana Danso is still today one of the most progressive and interesting characters in Ghanaian music now fronting the Pan-African Orchestra, this was his earliest band and recording project and takes in a whole bunch of influences from heavy afro-beat to funk, rock and African music forms. It´s one of the rarest Nigerian LP´s. if you like the early Blo sound, Fela Kuti, Bunzu Soundz, Nedzolleh Soundz but not the later more generic Nigerian pop that often is described as afro music then this one´s for you. It´s heavy and original. As the sleeve notes say "'Projection one' will be loved and hated for it´s incomparable precedence".


3. Anubis - Anubis 1983
French symphonic rock

4. Catastrophe - High Dynamic 1981
France) 1981 private. Catastrophe's sole album reminds me a lot of Missus Beastly circa their brilliant 1974 album. Take away the flute and piano and add a hot guitarist plus a MONSTER Jannick Top like bassist! Frenzied and energetic. A corker.

5. Vestenvinden - Gummimasker 1971
Scandinavian hard progressive rock

6. Hot Flash - First Attack! They'll Never Take Us Alive 1977
US hard symphonic rock

7. Anor - The Taste of Pomegranate
Sorry no picture

That is one of best Uzbekistan jazz-rock fusion released on melodiya label

8. Frankie Carr's All Natural Band - Frankie Carr's All Natural Band 1977
Us psych prog album i have just the scans front and back

9. Ofoedian Den - The Birds 1970
Us psych album

10.Princess Flower & the Moon Rays - Dreaming the magic of your Maya 1969
Us acid psych album with lots of flute

11. Machingbyrd - The Road to Forbidden Ecstacy
Folk Folk rock with psych movements

12. Nicodemus - Backstreet Orange 1978
Us psych album by band which had about 7 albums

Thats top 12 of our wishlist albums

Post your knowledge or opinions to comments or to my mail address:

A big thanks to everyone who read it full.

ProgNotFrog TEAM


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

I'm pretty sure that Vestenvinden is a Norwegian or Danish band in Sweden it would problably be spelled "Västanvinden"

Princess Flower & the Moon Rays - Dreaming the magic of your Maya
would be nice to hear it but I doubt that we ever will hear it. Problably it was made in less then 5 copies : (

I'll do my best to maybe find some of the bands

Anonymous said...

some of this albums have been in my wishlist forever, problem is that there are far too many around that are convinced that keeping them "secret" is cool, sadly almost all the rarities that were impossible to find are available now, it is just a matter of time.

I have been burned many times as well, rarity in most cases means "an OK album, just average or amateur" and that is the reason they are rare, 'cos no one wanted to print them back in the day.

Thanks to you guys I've saved some good money like with Air, yes its rare , but honestly, is not good at all, the playing is misserable, the recording sucks and the compositions are bad, BUT I wanted it and now I can only say thanks !

If I get any of this, no doubt I will share it.


Anonymous said...

Princess Flower & the Moon Rays - Dreaming the Magic of Your Maya

It was on the "Future Projects" page of Shadoks/QDK...

But they remove it from the list without release it...


Anonymous said...

I browsed through your wishlist in Rateyourmusic and found that there's no Haikara - Iso lintu on that. Do you have it? If so, could you post it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the offtopic. What's happened to the PNF Forum? It's broken for a few weeks already.

Anonymous said...

Quite a long list. Will be helpful if anyone will remove the items posted in the meantime. Found at least 3 albums which were posted not long ago (one from me included).


Ricsi said...

hi twee4one
what items have to be removed???

Flora said...


Anonymous loves Ricsi!!!!
He does not forget Ricsi!!!!
Give peace a chance!


Anonymous said...

Belan represents the end of an age of egoism and hipocresia. The end of an age of freak and neurotics kings. Keep on rock Belan, rock music to the true in spirit rock fans. Like RUSH, PNF and Belan are a FAREWELL TO KINGS !!!


Neu Mejican said...


Frank from Voodoo funk has just posted that one among his finds...FYI...

gandelupa said...

Dear friends.
I had uploaded here extremely rare fusion-jazz-folk group FIRUZA from Ashkhabad, Turkmenia. Mp3, scan and some info. Vinyl rip. Highly recommended! Could you make a post in PNF dedicated to this record. Yours, Andrei Solovyov, Moscow, Russia

Anonymous said...

Hello friends!
I'm about to get this "dreaming the magic of your maya" LP! I'm hoping (& dreaming) to receive it next week. I really will not believe this myself until I'll hold it in my hands! So I'll write when it finally happens. How my beloved Lou Reed sang: "...dreamin' - I'm always dreamin'..."

Mystery Poster said...

Before anyone comes to tell you different.. Mystery Poster just put up that Catastrophe "High Dynamic" (among many other great things!). Surely, like lots of other posts.. it will begin popping up in other places - the way of the beasts..

- MP

Mystery P said...

...and now someone just made me privy that it was offered earlier on the PNF forum, ah well - it's all too much! LOL.


disconcerted said...

I should be uploading the Machingbyrd album to my blog in the next day or two.

Anonymous said...

Thank you in advance! :)

disconcerted said...

No problem.


Anonymous said...

Have been wanting to obtain a CDR or digital link to this for some time now. No one seems to want to even cut losse with that and share. If you have any info, please contact me at -- would be much appeciated!

exte82 said...

Catastrophe - High Dynamic (France - 1981) is there @320:

Anonymous said...

Catastrophe - High Dynamic (France - 1981) here (on July 26, 2008)


Anonymous said...

For Princess Flower & the Moonrays -- please visit blog at:

Anonymous said...

Vestenvinden - Gummimasker (1971)

isabelbc said...

hi Dairos,

Thank you very much, but we have it in our forum posted in july 2008

Isabel :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Isabel,

I never subscribe me at noone forum. What's the function of this forum? Is different by blog?

Thanks for answer

isabelbc said...

Hi Dairos,
Our forum is fantastic
There you can exchange ideas about music, meet people from around the world and have a more dynamic interaction with music lovers like you.
You can download, upload, request, review albums etc etc
I'm sure you will love, try it!
Isabel :o)

jarrodzlatic said...

I've listened to Anahata in a record store here in Australia, at the time it sounded to me a little underwhelming. The closet example I can think of is fellow Australian Colin Offords first LP (ie. tiny "trad" instruments) All instrumental if I recall. Not "folk" in the sense that people might want it too be.

wildbrush said...

Edzayawa_1973_Projection One can be found here:

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