Monday, August 25, 2008

Óðmenn "ST" {Iceland} [1970] (Heavy Rock Progressive)

Okey I cant find any kind of information about this band. Some sources says that they were founded in 1966 in the city Keflavik on Iceland and disbanded 1970 the same year they released their one and only album. And I think they released one album and three singles. The singer did also appears on albums with Nattura and Trubrot.
The album it self its some kind of ordinary hard rock/rock (but not boring) album with some progressive moments. Imagine Cream or something like that with over drieen guitars etc but without the blues. But the real masterpiece on this one is the 18 min killer track with a lot of good guitar masturbation.

The line up during the years:
Johan G Johansson (vocals, bass), Eiríkur Jóhannsson (bass, 1966-68), Valur Emilsson (guitar, 1966-68), Engilbert Jensen (drums 1966-67), Pétur Östlund (drums 1967-68), Magnús Kjartansson (keyboards, 1967-68), Shady Owens (vocals, 1967-68), Finnur Torfi Stefánsson (guitar 1969-70), Ólafur Garðarsson (drums, 1969-70), Reynir Harðarson (drums, 1970)


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this group is new to me

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Iceland rocks!

Anonymous said...

This LP has long been a favorite of mine -- thanks for posting. Te band also recorded a 1967 EP (okay, much poppier) and a couple of solid 1970 45s. Most of these tracks are available for purchase at ( (Stan from New Jersey, USA)

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