Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missus Beastly - Two live lps - 1972-73 - KrautPsych

Here are the two mistery lps documenting the great Missus Beastly live in the early Seventies.
- Volksmusik - 1972

- Superrock made in Germany - 1973
(aka "In garten des schweigens" - with Weramean)
They were issued on the obscure Electric Bird label, and are impossibly rare now.
It's classic psych krautrock with a raw edge, and a holy grail for kraut collectors!

A Better Life

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fildiferro said...


Superrock made in Germany


Anonymous said...

Here is more rare german-krautrock from kin ping meh:

ThaNaTos said...

Missus Beastly/Volksmusik
A1 A Better Life ? 3:10
A2 Ursis Trance Zyklus/Trip of May 10:32
A3 Mean Woman Blues 7:59
B1 Fuck You Free 6:48
B2 Henry's Dead Woman Blues 6:49
B3 Störung-T.RP./DaCapo 9:23

Missus Beastly & Weramean/Superrock Made In Germany/Im Garten Des Schweigens
A1 Missus Beastly [2]-Green Line
A2 Missus Beastly [2]-Ursis Trance
A3 Missus Beastly [2]-Remember
B1 Weramean-Weramean
B2 Weramean-Henrys Pobo Blues

aguila sideral said...

wonderful surprise!
thank you brother

Anonymous said...

Grandioso! gracias por la musica;
el ultimo link de kin ping meh esta equivocado:


Anonymous said...

Hello good people...

Just a double TERRIFIC post...

And the band was quit right....the Mean Woman Blues..........broken my very heart..........

"Life Gets Sweeter Everyday"

Peter Hammill - Brazil

wreka said...

just must thanks

jd said...

Has anyone else had trouble with the Kin Ping Meh 1970-72 archive? I've downloaded it twice and tried unzipping with several different programs - always get "file is corrupted"...

Any help would be much appreciated, since I've heard the early stuff by this band is much better than the later.


JF said...

Great Blog and Wanderful Work Progressive Rock.
By JF SérieEchoes

thoth said...

thank you so much for sharing. any new missus beastly is welcome! thought i like their later stuff better (after their bluesier work).

Rich AfterSabbath said...

can anybody re-up or send these to me, PLeeeeas :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, a re-post of these two very rare albums would be much appreciated!

best wishes

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