Friday, September 05, 2008

Rävjunk - "Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner" {Sweden} [1977]

Initially named Libbet Sväller. The band started around 1975 and are a pre-punkband. Rävjunk means a foxes piss. Played at Hinseberg, a prison for women, alot of times.
Their EP Bohman, Bohman got banned on national swedish radio for mocking a political party leader. The band split up in the early 80´s.

A1 - Sherry, Vermouth, Vin å Öl
A2 - Hey Little Girl
A3 - Jag é så skitig jag é så paj
A4 - Uppsala Stadshotell brinner
A5 - Inferno
A6 - Säg mig Andersson
B7 - Nåsten (Den tysta skogen)
B8 - Snöspår (Del 1,2 och 3)
B9 - Vi Ses (Vid Taj Mahal)

- Sören G Andersson - vox, stringmachine
- Christer "The road grader" Lindahl - guitar, organ, vox
- Wilhelm Wallin - bass
- Peter Ericsson - guitar, drums
- Hasse Bruniusson - drums
- Olle Sjöstedt - guitar, vox
- Gert Hedov - guitar
- Kenneth Sylwan - harmonica
- Henrik Lind - guitar


A4 - Uppsala Stadshotell brinner...
A5 - Inferno...

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Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

My first swedish punk band! Sound rough but has its moments with tasty guitar parts. Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Punk and progg comes together fine here. Thanks

preacher said...

awesome blog !
would you be interested in a link exchange?

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IR e L a IXI said...

hi! i would like a request for this if possible. Guru Guru - Electric Junk

heres a link to watch peformance

mina said...

badass! i love rävjunk. thanks a lot. ^^

kingpossum said...

Monster spate of posts, Munju! With the post of the Ravjunk, I have to beg to the universe again, can anyone post the impossibly rare Carsten Regild LP that came from this same period?

"The Movement" period of Swedish prog is a whole world to explore; and the Carsten Regild album is one of the rarest gems.

Thanks for all the great music, what a treat.

tha said...

thanks for all of your info

Anonymous said...

Here is link to a site

Rävjunk 2 cd

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Unknown said...

Please, could you post this amazing album again? (all links posted here are inactives)

best regards from Brazil!

isabelbc said...

new link

rotten said...

Please, could you post this amazing album again? (all links posted here are inactives)

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