Friday, September 19, 2008

Total Music Association "Walpurgis" - free kraut rock - 1971

hi folks,
here is another elusive morsel from the ever surprising Krautrock bunch.
The only lp by TMA presented an original free jazz fusion a la kraut, a bit like an outrageous Annexus Quam.
It has been totally ignored for years, so I guess it's time it gets the attention it deserves.

side b...

DL link in comments


fildiferro said...

Download link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this kraut rarity!!
Amazing kraut jam!!

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to upload this Total Music Association album to a service that doesn't require us to sign up and download their software?

jd said...

Rapidshare does not require any sign-up or special software. You just click the "free user" button and you get the link after waiting a bit.

Farlac said...


can Total Music Association "Walpurgisnacht" be re-uploaded?


Anonymous said...

Link dead

reload please


isabelbc said...

new link:

Anonymous said...


thoth said...

big annexus quam fan so looking forward to this one. thank you so much for sharing.

Alex B said...

More than kratu, this is pure free-avant-guard prog jazzy music. Very strange and stimulating. Track 1 is a bi non-sense, sounds like a joke, track 2 is crazy but with a sense.

Anonymous said...

Both links are now dead. (Zshare is ALWAYS a bad idea).

isabelbc said...

new link

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