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Percewood's Onagram - "Lessons For Virgins" {Germany} [1971]

Percewood's Onagram had already found its own, original style of music and it wasn't "Kraut-Rock" at all, they sounded more like an English or American band. P. O.'s music is a strange and unique combination of R&B, Beat, Psychedelic, Folk and (garage-, livingroom-, prewave-) Rock. Catchy, timeless songs, rough and beautiful at the same time with pretentious sometimes provoking critical - but again timeless lyrics. Presented by the band in perfect English and unusual phrasing and backed up by strong acoustic & electric guitars, piano, harmonica, drums and bass. (A combination and sound of instruments that many new groups of today go back to ...)

01 - High in the Sky
02 - Seven Minds
03 - Summer Song
04 - Good Time on Earth
05 - Lesson for a Virgin
06 - Set You Free
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'...
08 - Seven Minds
09 - Sumer Song
10 - Good Time on Earth

- Wolfgang Michels (vocals, guitar)
- Klaus Kaufmann (piano)
- Eddy Muschketat (harp, percussion)
- Hans Jürgen "Jojo" Ludwig (drums, 1969-73)
- Peter Conant-Schaffer (lead guitar, 1973-74)
- Geary Priest (drums, 1973-74)
- Gerald Heinemann (vocals, percussion, 1973-74)
- Uwe "Bass" Meyer (bass, 1974)

05 - Lesson for a Virgin...
06 - Set You Free...
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'...

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isabelbc said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!!!

meltedrubbersoul said...

The three songs you posted were more than enough. Thank you...this stuff is gold.

Rochacrimson said...

Superb album!
Thanks Isabel ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks - steve

Anonymous said...

i have the CD "Ameurope" from Percewoods Onagram.
Have you interest?

isabelbc said...

Hello Moonweed,

Yes, of course! I love this band!

Thanks in advance!

Isabel :o)

Anonymous said...

anonymous offered ameurope please upload,makes me so happy,I´m waiting months!!!!
thanks in advance

isabelbc said...

Percewood's Onagram - Ameurope (deu,'74)

Anonymous said...

somebody knows how can get links of the other albums? there are any webpage with links?
thanks for all!!!

THANKS ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isabelbc said...

hi Anonymous,

Go to


Anonymous said...

thanks isabel,you rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all PERCEWOOD'S ONAGRAM friends & fans!

You can find more P.O. songs/music here: (homepage) (fanpage) > search > percewood's onagram - and > wolfgang michels

ALL 4 original P.O. albums are available on the market through Warner Music;also all solo albums of P.O.s leadsinger/songwriter/guitarist/bandleader Wolfgang MICHELS see:
>search > musik > percewood's onagram - and > search > musik > michels

by the way: P.O.s leader MICHELS & BAND played as opening act/special guest for NEIL YOUNG the whole Germany Tour last summer...they also played P.O.-songs ! Wow...was really great...

love & peace, wolfgang

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