Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Steve Drake Band - "Nature Intended” {USA} [1976]

It’s not known exactly how Steve Kaczorowski/Drake and Tiger Lily got hooked up; possibly he simply sent them a demo of one of his karaoke collections, as was his style, and Tiger Lily released it with no strings attached, as was their style. In any event, it is appropriate to the label that the Kacz-man here took his karaoke rock concept to even further heights: he stopped bothering with the vocal overdubs, but simply taped a bunch of tracks from obscure UK import albums and christened them Steve Drake Band recordings! The selection is even more schizophrenic and unlikely, throwing you abruptly between different soundscapes and moods. As on the earlier albums, several tracks inexplicably retain their original titles, rather than being anonymized under new headings. more...

A1 Nature Intended
A2 Rap On
A3 Slark
A4 Adam And I
B1 Somebody
B2 Dave Ross & Me
B3 Eastern Wind
B4 Perfect Love
B5 Jennie's Extravaganza

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A1 Nature Intended...
A4 Adam And I...

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isabelbc said...

uros said...

Hello Isabelbc,
very good guitar driven rock, sometimes like english style hard progressive rock,sometimes like amwrican hard rock, vocals sounds very similar to Ann and Nancy Wilson's singing from Heart. Overall very interesting.
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Grato Isabel:

Esquisito mas interessante!!!



mar-abunta said...

Excelente, muchas gracias guapa.

Abrazo ;)

peskypesky said...

some really cool music here. but i'm confused. did Steve Drake steal this music from other bands?

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