Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Massimo Giuntoli & Roberto Meroni - "Diabolik e i Sette Nani" {Italy} [1980]

At Italianprog site it says; "A very rare album with an odd title by this duo, often described as Canterbury-inspired. The album includes all-instrumental music, a sort of contemporary classical music built on piano and clarinet interplay." Duo members are Massimo Giuntoli on piano and Roberto Meroni on clarinet and sax. melancholic, mystic, weird and rich free form classical music.

I Rac. di Canterbury..


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Thanks naha!This an excellent,unknown album which i was searching for a lot of time!

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Links dead, could you please re up them? I would be very grateful to you if possible.Thank you in advance for this wonderful blog . Greetings from Spain. Tchüss

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new link http://netkups.com/?d=3c4478df6fc17

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Link dead again, could you please re-upload? Thanks

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