Thursday, March 25, 2010

Musikpatruljen - "Musikpatruljen" {Denmark} [1972]

Danish hippieband featuring Nils Skousen, Tömerclaus and Björn Ugleberg (orignal drummer of GASOLIN) with freaking rocking hippie musik ranging from more guitar dominated songs to more jazzy flower power tunes. Songs like "Stenlöse" just never dies..

01 Den fremmede 6:26
02 Du kan enten være ligeglad 3:25
03 Stenløse 4:40
04 Far far krigsmand 3:35
05 Eec 1:18
06 Bondens klage 7:30
07 Jeg tænkte 1:50
08 Når livet ta'r afsted 4:50
09 Skoven 4:30
10 Motorvejen 2:35

- Peter Ingemann (bass, vocals, violin)
- Tømrerclaus (guitar)
- Niels Skousen (guitar, vocals)
- Stig Møller (guitar, vocals)
- Knud Bjørnø Jensen (saxophone, flute)
- Bjørn Uglebjerg (drums)

Den fremmede...

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Fantastic blog.
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