Friday, November 05, 2010

Thomas & Henry Kiefer "Improvisationen Über Edoardo-Antonius Eumel" {Switzerland} [1980]

Instrumental progressive duo, the Kiefer brothers on guitars. ...more info about this band/album is welcome

Thanks to KC :)

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isabelbc said...

Stevie said...

Thx again! Any chance for a track listing? if not thats ok, I greatly appreciate your uploads.

isabelbc said...


1 Flying Dutchman
2 Kamasutra
3 Chile
4 Catch my Train
5 Sunrise


1 Affentheater
2 Santa barbara
3 Dream
4 Lake Evening
5 Visitor
6 Trip to Nowhere

Anonymous said...

In the file only have 8 tracks. You put in the tracklist 11. Someone missing!!!

isabelbc said...

hi Anonymous,
the album is complete, it originally had two tracks (side a and side b)
I have little experience with the program that splits the tracks, I didn't knew the track list when i used this program - I'm sorry

Anonymous said...

Very thanks for the answer of missing links!!!

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