Thursday, May 19, 2011

Akira Itoh "Buddha"(1983,Japanese prog)

Akira Itoh "Buddha"(1983)

Osamu Tezuka is one of the most famous Japanese manga(comic) artists in the world.
"Buddha" is one of the epics among his mangas.He described Budda's life in his manga.
As you know,Buddha is the guru of Buddhism.
Akira Itoh is a keyboard player ,and he is famous as the member of Far Out & Far East Family Band.
He made this album inspired by the manga "Buddha".
First,when I found this album,in fact,I thought that it was boring.
Because  Akira Itoh made a lot of New Age albums and they were boring for me.
I was surprised when I heard  it for the first time.
Because it is the brilliant prog rock!!!!
This album is a concept album,and between tracks and tracks are not separated.
FLAC files are not separated(I don't know how to cut the files of FLAC)
But mp3 files are separated.(I know how to cut mp3)
Enjoy as you like !!!

Since May 28th,they can watch the anime  movie "Buddha"(original manga  by Osamu Tezuka)at the movie theaters in Japan,but no relation with this album by Akira Itoh.

伊藤詳 Akira Itoh .....Synthesizer
豊田貴志 Takashi Toyoda.....Violin(ex-Space Circus)
石川恵樹 Keiju Ishikawa....E.Guitar(ex-Far Out,Chronicle)
チュピート aka 竹内正彦 Masahiko Takeuchi....E.Bass(ex-Creation)

Side 1
1.婆羅門 baramon (6:25)
2.達多 tatta(3:55)
3.聖母受胎 seibo jutai(3:27)
4.悠久 yuukyuu(1:15)
5.生誕 seitan(5:10)

Side 2
1.摩耶の死 maaya no shi(4:34)
2.四門出遊 shimon shutsuyuu(4:20)
3.生老病死 shouroubyoushi(2:50)
5.出家 shukke (3:13)

ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075



Shige said...
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Shige said...



apps79 said...

Great post,Shige,thanks!!!
I even made an entry of the album on rateyourmusic if you dont mind...

Misongod said...

Beautiful music, SHIGE
many thanks

Shige said...

Of course,I don't mind!
This beautiful music is worth to listen again and again.

Misongod said...

absolutely Shige....and dont miss this one..

Shige said...

I added the uncut mp3 files.

Shige said...

Thank you very much for showing the REAL gem.
Since I knew this gem,I have been chasing for Yockie's and Chrisye's works for several years.Yockie's keyboards are really fantastic.

Shige said...

I misspelled.
Correct,please.... "Buddha"

progger said...

Akira Itoh is ex-Far Out, ex-Far East Family Band(with Masanori Takahashi AKA "Kitaro").

Anonymous said...

Saudações Tricolores!

Thank you so much for the Japanese stuff.
It's a privilege to know your blog and Facebook's page.
Take care and continue the excellent work, mate!

Mauro B.

Nortwinds said...

thanks for this one

Srikanth said...

For those that haven't heard yet, the song "Close to the Edge" by Yes (which, I think, is brilliant!) is also something similar... it's inspired by the book "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shige, many thanks for the album.
Flac or Ape audio is great!

btw, if you want to separating a lossles files
you can use a freeware program called "CUE SPLITER"
just DL from

i love lossless audio, but I hate almost all lossles files is not physically splited by tracks.
Well, Cue Spliter is the answer.


Shige said...

Great advice.
I will challenge with Cue Spliter at once .
When I complete the splited files of "Buddha"
I will show them here again.
Mega thanks !!!

Farhan M said...

Can anyone share this in mediafire or Thanks!

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