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Profil "For You"(1982,German inst.prog)

Profil "For You"(1982)
This album is a mega rare German prog.All instrumental .
I never would have guessed that the day would come to listen to this album during I live on the earth....I could get near mint condition vinyl.Enjoy !!!!!
I heard the meaning of "Ta-tü-ta-ta 2(B-3) as the sound of alarm of ambulance,police car...  from a German man.

Hans Schneider:Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Alfred "Phonts"Biebl:Bass,Perc and Effect
Hans-Rainer Kolb:Keyboards,Perc and Guitar
Bernd Mayer:Drums and Perc.

1.Kick (5:08)
2.Monday Evening (4:21)
3.Magdalena (4:19)
4.Difficult (4:19)
1.Gangster Parade (5:06)
2.Touch me there (6:30)
3.Ta-tü-ta-ta (5:55)

Recorded from February 22 to 27.

 ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075



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cool was lookin' for this,good album ; "Vielen Dank"

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Thanks for this great share. A band new to me but offering a wonderful sound. Reminds me of Bo Hanson. Thanks again!

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Wow, this is just beautiful. Can anyone provide any kind of background on this band? I can't find anything!

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Great work ! Thanks again from who included this in the big blind-test.

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