Friday, September 07, 2012

Artischock - Besorg's Dir! 1982

Remember the VA album I posted last week--? well here we go with the record from the band that did the lovely song "heile welt" called Artischock, with the beautiful Denise Grozelanny-Tullmann as singer. She appears on the back wearing fishnet stockings that are simply not for the minnows. The music is slightly-wavish pop hard rock with some nice energy and grooves, no silly synths or digital percussion, caveat that there is not much in the progressive arena of composition but altogether, for me, enjoyable songwriting. Are we getting tired of german rock and jazz yet? let's wait till after one more german post from me, coming soon, or perhaps a hundred more german posts...

A sample track: The bizarrely named "ei!"

And the one I fell in love with, Heile Welt:


Tristan Stefan said...
this is the mp3

Tristan Stefan said...

for the frantic flacs fanatics:

Anonymous said...

and where is the sexy-fishnet back cover? sounds interesting! the music's cool, not too heavy 80ies kinda sound. thank you also for the Elliotts and Natural Life, even more then for this one without stockings!

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