Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jost Band - W.A.S.A. (We Are Still Alive) (GER, 1980)

One really doesn't know what to expect with these unknown records.  This is yet another find from the growing bin records store, that is, a find from discobasso. Not a well-known record as you can see here:  (well, after I post the rip you will slowly see people claiming it as their own).  Nor is there even an entry for it on discogs:  save for their appearance in the wonderful compilation,  Nachwuchswettbewerb Pop '79 - Rock / Jazz, which featured great german artists Matter of Taste, Rozz, and Ex Ovo Pro.  I think there's a copy still available in basso's store but those records go quickly-- hurry if you want to pick it up.

So what about the music?  Setting aside the mildly ridiculous first song, I was excited at the hints of Zauberfinger with the adventurous but rock-based songwriting.  Of course this is not quite as good as the Hans Raffert work, but it is strong and interesting to listen to.  A couple of songs might even be the kind you play over and over again in the car on the long commute to work.  When I heard the second song I had to stop for a second, did he really say "Doctor doctor prescribe me your daughter?"  I will include it as a sample below, stay patient until the wonderful synths-draped ending in F sharp sustained.  Also the ninth song "Die Show" is amazing in its odd chord changes-- unfortunately it is marred by a trinnie drums intro that I probably should have removed.

Pinkel mir in den mund:

Die Show:


Tristan Stefan said...


basso said...

Pinkel mir in den Mund translates "Piss in my mouth". The title doesn't really fit the album's atmosphere, that's why I had to take it home...

Sergey said...

Отличный диск! Спасибо!

Anonymous said...

Great Band. I had the album and lisend to it allot in the 80's

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