Friday, January 25, 2013

Working Progress (FRA, 1976)

I will first quote from ashratom from his famed website where he featured well-nigh 2 years ago plus this little fusion one-off band, and when I read this I thought I must get a copy of this record.  Well it only took 2 years to get the vinyl but finally patience is rewarded with  rarities.

"As mentioned yesterday, we have a new patron of the CDRWL - The Alaskan Connection (no, it's not Sarah Palin). And here's his first submission. I wasn't familiar with it prior, not even on one of my many esoteric want lists. And of course guess who's involved? None other than Mr. Obscuria himself - J.P. Massiera.

This one starts off in the funky fusion style, but it's a head fake, something you can almost predict with Mr. Massiera. Within the album you'll find sweetly sung soft female vocals ala Cortex, indigenous islander music, a little Zeuhlish horns - flute and vocal piece, and even some straight jazz. For certain, all of that is fine and dandy, but it doesn't prepare you for the middle of the album with the lengthy West Indies tribal percussion and underground fuzz guitar soloing. This sequence elevates the album to a must listen experience, even it's not entirely consistent."
Thereupon he gave it a priority 3.

Bass [Contrabass]– Bunny Brunel*
Bass, Vocals– A. Bonfils*
Choir– R. Ceccarelli
Drums– A. Ceccarelli*
Engineer [Sound Engineer]– Massiera J. Pierre*
Guitar– J. C. Chanavat*
Mixed By– Alain Tadie
Percussion– M. Delaporte*
Piano– F. Martin
Recording Supervisor– Claude Lemoine
Saxophone, Flute– J. David
Trombone– J. Costa (2)
Trumpet– R. Laily

Note the presence of A. Ceccarelli, who is all over fantastic fusion records from France.  Bassist Bunny Brunel also made a great fusion record called Touch in the late seventies.  If you love the french style of fusion to me this is absolutely a masterpiece, I sit back and hear the insane energy and creativity coming out the speakers and it takes me to paradise.  With the breathy sweet female vocals (oddly enough I don't see a credit for the female vocalist inside), the bits of composed passages, I think you get everything you want in one record in one package here.  My one complaint would be that it's quite short (being under half an hour) -- admittedly as was common for french albums.

Take a taste from track 2 with its absolutely anomalous but gorgeous modulations and changes:
"  I'm stretching my soul to make it sound like something...."  goes the bizarre commentary in the middle of the song.... dig it, man!!!


Tristan Stefan said...



D.J. ChinaBlack

apps79 said...

beautiful, thanks for another rarity man!!!

[(Sub)] said...

Great !!!
Many thanks Tristan Stefan

Doktor Alphonzo said...

really great album - alawys a pleasure to discover something new
many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!
Excellent album !!!


uros said...

Thanks a lot for this unknown band.Funky fusion at highest nivou.

ushaped said...

thanks Tristan, a really good fusion LP that surpassed my expectation for an unheard rarity!

Tom said...

I'm leaning to a Priority 2 ;-)

I didn't mention it at the time, but another band with a slightly similar sound is Synchro on the album "Lambi".

Good find Mr. TS!

mixour said...

Awesome !! Thanks.

sukhvir said...

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Franco said...

Late but HUGE 'THANKS!'
Just listening....funny how some Lp's grab you when your least expecting!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one. Thanks very much!

Simon666 said...

thanks for this!

70's Fusion said...

links dead, can you repost?

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