Saturday, June 01, 2013

Jean-Luc Vignaud - Triptyque Orchestra (FRA 1984)

As you may see at the bottom, compositions are by Louis Vigneron although the album is credited to the sax player Jean-Luc Vignaud.  This is an absolutely awesome big-band-style progressive jazz release that to me recalls the best of Teo Macero in ingenious compositional originality.  The gentleman Vignaud (not Vigneron) was a member of the amazing french ST band Synthesis which I highly recommend to everyone:
(please note there were two such bands in 1970s France with ST Synthesis, the other is a fusion super-group featuring Didier Lockwood, François Jeanneau, André Ceccarelli, Marc Chantereau, Ivan Jullien that is totally different:

It appears on discogs the Vignaud discography is incomplete:
As for composer Vigneron, there is little to no information about him.

I really wish I had heard something like this back when I was a big band jazz fan and was desperate for some compositional complexity beyond Stan Getz, Stan Kenton, and the arrangements of Gil Evans and Claus Ogerman.  I wonder if perhaps Vigneron distilled all his musical ideas into this one record; an entire education in composition and classical harmony seems to pass through one's ears as one goes through the various simply-titled, one-word tracks (Parenthese, Pavane, Pulsar), ending in the magnificent "Stance" -- it's as if we are travelling through worlds of wonder and worlds of fire, reading a novel full of turbulence and chaos before coming out in the end wiser but sad with the knowledge of the profound impermanence immanent in everything in the universe, with music as the ne plus ultra example of the evanescence of everything temporal and existing only in time... and how often have I wondered how the physicist can maintain the mathematical fiction of  'block time' (e.g. a classical relativist) given there cannot be musical enjoyment without some entity physically describable as time as adjunct to some corresponding correlate entity in our consciousness.
Another discovery from the mighty osurec, btw.

On the back cover the following blurb in French:
"A new big band? No, an orchestra with already 4 years' experience and which finally has put out its first record thanks to the hard work of J-L Vignaud.  The music is rich, beautiful, original.  Louis Vigneron  is a very talented arranger with a great future.  He manages to make the orchestra sound very personal, which makes the enterprise passionate.
I had great pleasure in hearing this record full of great surprises.  No doubt this band is among the best."
--Martial Solal


Tristan Stefan said...

thanks again to osurec

Rochacrimson said...

Any link please for Michel Delaporte - Stoned Drums - Tambours Et Percussions (1971) ? Very rare to find the album from this french drummer :/

Anonymous said...

Exscuse me. No FLAC for this one?

Rochacrimson said...

Tristan any chance to post here or in forum
Missus Beastly - SWF Session 1974 (2012)? Very difficult to find it until now.
Thank you!

Mr. Banstead said...

Thanks once again for sharing more rarities.
I first heard about this album on this blog and now finally got a copy.
For those who do not have it here is Milan Pilar-Nature Spoiled and Unspoiled

Rochacrimson said...

Many thanks Mr. Banstead for sharing!!!

boogieman said...

Merci. Amazing big band, competely unknown to me.
No unlike the Steve Bauer Orchestra LP I found a few months ago and posted on my blog. It's probably still there. Feel free to re=post it here, it may interest your visitors and will ensure the "sustainability" of the link.


boogieman said...

Is it the same guy?

basso said...

I have only known that other Synthesis and I'm curious about this one here!

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks !!!
Excellent album !!!


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