Thursday, June 13, 2013

Luna Set - Art (GERM 1983)

Last album from this new wave/minimal synth band not yet available, this is from 1983.  I didn't much like the first record (posted long ago on possibly mutant sounds (?)) -- to me it was a bit too simplistic in that minimal synth style, but this is all-out in progressiveness with the songwriting: there are odd touches everywhere, sudden modulations for example in most songs.  I really love the gentle, feminine aspects of the compositions and the absence of jumpiness that to me is such a defect of the genre.  It's very enjoyable and can be listened to over and over again in my opinion without any boredom.  As well, I thought the next record, "Monkey's Midnight Mood'  became a bit too poppy again albeit with the exception of one or two progressive tracks.

Credits for this band can be seen here:
Notice that 'growing bin' discobasso agreed it's their best record.

Please enjoy


Tristan Stefan said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan.

I will enjoy! ;)

Good blog! Thanks from the Netherlands.


apf said...

Thank you!

Mr. Banstead said...

Thanks a lot!Another amazing share.

Here is the Japanese band Bi Kyo Ran performing some King Crimson favorites on Madoromi(Live Vol.4).
Please enjoy.

basso said...

most definitely their best : )

soundvoyeur said...

this is awesome... listened beginning to end. any chance of their other two albums being shared? i would really love to hear everything. they are quite scarce! thanks for this though!

Anonymous said...

I don't know it. Thanks !


mess said...

This is incredible... And exactly why II keep returning to PNF after all these years. Can you upload "Monkey's Midnight Mood" as well? Cheers!

stuart studebaker said...

This record is brilliant. What a GEM! Wow - thanks for posting this! An illumination!

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