Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Japotage REUP by request

I will post this as a wav, please use something like xrecode if you want to switch to mp3.
Go ahead and request reups, time permitting I will be able to do some or get help from:
Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays


Tristan Stefan said...


Loungehub said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your efforts. I follow this blog since ´06 now and I am still surprised by the variety of music here. Today I found an almost mint vinyl copy of "Orexis - Reflections" for the silly price of 5€ and I only know of this wonderful piece of music because of this blog and had similar experiences in the past. Thank you all at frog for sharing your knowlege. Since you were asking the crowd to ask for reups I would be interested in "Orexis ´77" which I somehow didn´t get back then. Thanks a lot anyway. Keep on! C.

санди said...

Hello, Tristan!

Here your LP in WAV:


Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

Could you re-upload Ela Helasvuo, Arturo Meza, This Oneness, Goro Ohmi, Hazard, Francois Faton Cahen, Jukka Linkola, Didier Bonin, Sangi, Resa, Dune, Kazimierz Lux C.S., Iviron? I know this is a lot, but it should get some more activity here, since you're back!

Tristan Stefan said...

Thanks санди for reuploading; people, please use the narod link instead of my netkups link. It's better if there's only one link since it will surely last longer than if there were 2.
I will try to get through some in that list above, if anyone can help, I would highly appreciate it! The ones that are mine are Faton Cahen, Linkola, Didier Bonin, Sangi, Kaz Lux, and Iviron, those are the ones I will attempt. At least that's what I remember, it's possible I'm wrong as my memory is getting worse lol.

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