Monday, January 13, 2014

Iviron REUP and Linkola's Banana REUP
I'll do this first since as you can tell from what I wrote this is one of my favourite discoveries from the last couple of years.  I'll post a wav, please use a standard program like xrecode to convert to mp3.  If anyone can help with these reuploads I would appreciate it greatly.

Also, in mp3 this time:
These requests remain to be done:
Ela Helasvuo, Arturo Meza, This Oneness, Goro Ohmi, Hazard, Francois Faton Cahen, Didier Bonin, Sangi, Resa, Dune


Tristan Stefan said...

Iviron WAV

Tristan Stefan said...

Linkola's Banana:

санди said...

Hello Tristan Stefan! Thanks for all your albums, materials and works!

From what I can offer:

This Oneness, 1975 - Surprize (mp3 / 320kbps)

Iviron, 1981 - Iviron (WAV)

Kaz Lux, 1972 - C.S. (mp3 / 320 kbps)

Hasard, 1978 - Embargue Si Ca t'tente (WAV)

Goro Ohmi, 1983 - Niji Sinden (FLAC)

I have Arturo Meza. Add this link a little later.

Franco said...

Big thanks for your work and effort re-posting these LP's !!!

Tristan Stefan said...

oh wow incredible.
As before, I will delete my own links then so your links last for longer, otherwise both will die sooner if people use both.

Tristan Stefan said...

Let me mention also quickly that those seeking reups probably should post a comment in the latest post, because I don't read old comments sections at all, so I wouldn't see them there, and the comment moderator who is the blog owner does not communicate with me any requests, nor does he do reups himself.

санди said...


Arturo Meza 1985 (WAV):!Bk9WGTyJ!ADc0b2N-O-DzZG_jL79eBmhpAM5HoNIMm9-OUCt5KZQ

Jay Swinnerton said...

David Blue ever show up on here?

Anonymous said...

Check out The Fermi Paradox!

Jon said...

Would it be possible to get a re-up of the Alcatraz 4 album? Thanks

Anonymous said...

i would like to thank you for being still active... i haven't been visiting blogs for 3 years.. so i am great full that your site is still has widen my musical taste..thanks!

санди said...

to Jon:

Alkatraz, 1982 - Alcatraz №4 (mp3 320 kbps) I took it here and now returns:

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