Thursday, July 17, 2014

les Bel-Air "Galaxie / Kyrie Eleison " (Canada,psych,prog,acid ,1970)

les Bel-Air "Galaxie / Kyrie Eleison " (Canada,psych,prog,acid ,1970)

info (You can try samples there ,too)

This single was not included in their original albums. (both tracks)


Shige said...

WAV & the same file

Carl Howard said...

Nice stuff... especially the A side.

Shige said...

>>>Nice stuff... especially the A side.
Yes,I agree with you.
Once Martin Friedman(ex-Megadeth) said in his book that he didn't like prog rock because prog artists combine other tracks and like to make long tracks,but it has no meaning...If his words are true,"Galaxie" is absolutely "prog" We prog listeners love long tracks

tweakerbelle said...

thanks! More obscure Canadiana, the better! Greetings from Toronto!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, quite a good single!

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