Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grupo Proyecto De Gonzalo Rubalcaba ‎ "Concatenacion Vol.1 " (Cuba,1987 Jazz rock)

Grupo Proyecto De Gonzalo Rubalcaba ‎  "Concatenacion Vol. 1" (Cuba,1987 Jazz rock)


As you know ,Gonzalo Rubalcaba (from Cuba)  is one of the greatest jazz pianists  all over the world.

In his early career ,he recorded this brilliant jazz rock live album in 1987.

You will be surprised his miraculous progressive keyboard playing a lot.

The following album is the same as my post....Discogs


It is famous that Cuban vinyls are not good condition very much....but mine is really near-mint one,so happy you will enjoy this forgotten  gem without any mental stress.

And,he also released  "vol2" but I don't own it yet,so please share it if you have the file.



Shige said...

WAV+mp3 (same link)


LiborioFriki said...

I have a live album of his recorded at the museum of fine arts in Havana in 1987... I was in the audience that day... if there is interest i can post it.

Shige said...

Thanks for the reply.
Wow,that's what I want.
Because it was released as the different title and cover.
"recorded at the museum of fine arts in Havana in 1987" is the "Vol 2".
The following album is the same as my post.


Post it ,please.
Thanks in advance.

LiborioFriki said...

im almost done uploading some jimpembrooke albums for my blog... ripping of Ganzalito Rubalcaba coming up after that

ushaped said...

IHey Shige, Thanks! I think Quimsy has posted the second volume:


Shige said...

Thanks for the info.
Is it the same album as the following one?


LiborioFriki said...


Quimsy said...

hey guys - from CD
Concatenacion I

Concatenacion II

Shige said...

Thanks a lot for your kindness,Quinsy !!!
I didn't know both of them were released as CDs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Quimsy!

RickK said...

why did you guys fire tristy?

Anonymous said...

no, I believe tristy quit here and started a new blog....

Shige said...

We have never banned Tristan before.
He left here and started walking a new road.
We have been still good friends for a long time .

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