Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amaury Pérez (Cuba, 1979 ,prog singer )

 Amaury Pérez (Cuba, 1979 ,prog singer )

This album's value is ★★★★★ for me.
I purchase not only Cuban original vinyl but also Mexican vinyl (purple front cover ),but I think that Cuban one has better sound ,so I ripped it.
After releaseing this album ,he began to lose his interest about prog music ,and went on releasing pop and AOR music albums ,and as the result,he got a great success in Cuba.
He has played with famous Cuban prog band "Sintesis " around late 70s to early 80s.


Amaury re-recorded all tracks of the album with his friends and released 2CDs + 1DVD set ,1CD is the original version,and the other is the new recorded version with other Cuban artists (here ) ,the video above is the footage at that time. .I purchased the CD just now ,and will upload here when it arrives.


Shige said...

\WAV & mp3 ....ripped from the vinyl and they are in the same link.



Shige said...
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Anonymous said...

IS ANYONE KNOWS HARLEQUIN " Trees" ? a true gem of heavy psych rock of 1974 (Usa) ?
It would be fantastic if you could post it there !
Thank you by advance

October Country said...

Wow, completely unknown to me, thank you for hipping me to Cuban prog!
I will have to give it a thorough spin...

...and here's a special treat for the season unfolding,
a mix I did back in 2010, appropriately titled,
'October Country'

1. Introduction - Bob Jacobs
2. October Country - Bob Jacobs
3. You're Lost Little Girl - The Doors
4. Cabinessence - The Beach Boys
5. Map And Willie - Goonies OST
6. Little Brother - Grizzly Bear
7. Takeoff... - Franklin
8. Images - The Freeborne
9. Looking For The Tour Guide - Aggregation
10. Umi Tsuki... - Tsutsi Yasutaka & Yamashita Yosuke
11. ...Sign - Ghostbusters OST
12. October Country - Michael McGinnis
13. Sad Man's Theme - Christian Kolonovits
14. A Horse With No Name - America
15. Mr. Green Genes - The Mothers Of Invention
16. Dark Trip To Edge City - Major Arcana
17. Mobius Trip - H.P. Lovecraft
18. Serpentine Lane - Perry Leopold
19. Judgement Day... - Ghostbusters OST
20. KITT To The Rescue - Knight Rider OST
21. Desert Drive - Tangerine Dream
22. Orange Ice - Michael McGinnis
23. Ritual Gypsy Music Opus 1~October Country~Odyssey - The Smoke

October Country


Please come visit us here in October Country,
there's peaceful magic in the gentle hills around and
mysterious side-shows of the mind in the mist of time...
See you soon!

Shige said...

Side A of HARLEQUIN " Trees" is here.


But the side B ... 'What's Your Pleasure?' is not found anywhere ....

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