Monday, October 13, 2014

Abbhama "alam raya " (Indonesia ,prog,1978 )

Abbhama "alam raya " (Indonesia ,prog,1978 )

As you know, this is one of the masterpieces of Indonesian prog albums.
These days,it was released as legit LP & CD at last. (April,2014 )



I bought the CD very soon because it has been my favorite one for long years.
But ,unfortunately, the CD has terrible sound too much .....
Who made the CD ...???  oh my.....

So you must not buy the CD (I'm not sure about the vinyl )

I will upload my lossless file and mp3 from the cassette ripping because more prog lovers will know why this excellent music is real GEM through my ripping ,not the terrible CD .....just like a bootleg sound....(about the package,excellent one,beautiful package ,perfect making,I think)

The band's vocalist "Iwan Madjid "  died on July 18 ,2014.....RIP.......



Shige said...

WAV & mp3 the same link

Julian Ryan said...

Great album!
There will be lots of goodies to celebrate the first anniversary of my blog...check it out!

Shige said...

I have enjoyed a lot of goodies from your blog for some months.
Thanks a lot,and hope more people will visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

Que poronga de disco! Quien puede escuchar este bodrio?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

Apparently you can't.

But I would like to see Muchas Gracias written somewhere in your comment, neverthless.

Gente muy mal agradecida, coño!

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