Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Roberto Laneri "Two Views of the Amazon " (Italy,experimental.drone,1985 )


horrible drone music. or free improvisation.

Very different from the image of the front cover ....each side has over 40 minutes long



Mit said...

WAV...ripped from the legit cassette today.


Sarah Edward said...

This is an interesting blog that you have posted, you shares a lot of things..

ReGo oGeR album

ushaped said...

Thank you Shige! I hope you are well! I've been looking for this for years. The entire LP is 40 mins so it's likely that both sides contain the entire album.

Thanks again!

October Country said...

Side A is awesome in a crazy an ayahuasca visionQuest while floating above the Amazon in a 5D spacecraft, a phantom's nocturne indeed...side B is definitely horrible drone music...'Danger Will Robinson! Danger!'
Quite the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde with this one,
Thank you very much my friend, always love your wonderful selections!

санди said...

Good morning!
Thank you for a this one!
Exuse me for my question.
Can you reupload the WAV of this album?
Please. :)

санди said...

Excuse me, can you help me , please?
Please reupload WAV of this album?
Thank you!

Mit said...

new link

санди said...

Wow! Thank You! Thank You very much!

Excuse me for my bed English. Perhaps even in the few words that I write in English felt terrible accent? :)

Unknown said...


Can you please reup that dope ?

Thanks for your crazy blog.

Anonymous said...

please reupload this record on wav
if its possible in sendspace, 'cause wetransfer link is alive foa a while
thanks ih advance

br a ham

Anonymous said...

Can you reupload the WAV of this album?
Please. :)
thanks in advance
D Artagnan

санди said...

Hello, people! / Hola, hombres!

It's WAV for Yours: / Es WAV para Ustedes:

or / o

Anonymous said...

muchaw gracias

Anonymous said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

The second side contains a different album by Laneri, it is not all Two Views Of The Amazon. I much prefer side 1! Thanks for this, I really like it, although I would love to hear a cleaner copy as this is a home-made tape copy from vinyl that has a lot of noise and crackle. Sadly not available digitally! I wonder if the old cassette release (this was released only on LP and tape) is a needle drop or from the master tapes?

Mit said...

Thanks a lot for re-post it.
When I dont notice,re-post them ,anytime,please .

санди said...

Thank you Shige for all what you do!!!
I understand.

Anonymous said...

the 2nd side of cassete uploaded here is private 1977 album of Laneri's including experimental group PRIMA MATERIA - tail of tiger which released in cd by die schachtel adding 2 live performances of the same track

cheers & thanks for great music
d artagnan

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