Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tamarisk (1983,neo prog,UK )



Samples can be tried at the info above .
You can purchase the CD from the band website if you like this cassette tracks.


Shige said...

WAV...ripped from the legit cassette today.(3 tracks included )



Anonymous said...

Hey Shige, thanks for this! I really like it.

I am wondering though about the track names. The scans show two tracks on side A and one on B. But the WAV filenames are A_1, B_1, and B_2. Could you help me figure this out?

Shige said...

Sorry...my mistaken.
Side A is 2 track...Side B is 1 tracks.

Shige said...
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санди said...

Good day!
Please reupload the WAV of this album!

Thank you!

санди said...

Good morning!
Buenos dias!
Добрый день!
Здоровенькі були!

Excuse me for may question, please reupload WAV of this exelent rare album. :)

санди said...

Help! I need somebody!
Help! ............ anybody!
Help! .. .........someone!
Help! Please reupload WAV of this one!

Anonymous said...


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